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New Life Foundation


Health Service

Health and medical check up, common ailments, medical aid, treatment and referral to special treatments. Check up and medicines for diabetic patients and eye operation.

Recreational service

The cultural programmes, music, dance, play sports and games to and by older person and organising tours and pilgrimages to aged.

Self Help Groups(SHGs)

The elderly self help groups are formed in a village or in a cluster of villages depending on the number of aged persons.

Crisis management  methods


Awareness building

The community and family are two important role players in seeking solutions of aged persons problems. The meetings, campaigns camps and cultural shows are organised to sensitize on the issue.



The counselling is the best way of redressed of the old persons problems. The volunteers are provided training on counselling skills for mainstreaming.


NLF volunteers

NLF is promoting the volunteers to render service to aged persons and elderly volunteers for service of aged and service to community. There are two types of volunteers are working in older person’s service. One is time devoting volunteers and other fund raising volunteers. The time devoting volunteers devote a few days in a week or month or some days and months in a year as they can. The main activity of these volunteers is monitoring the elderly clubs . The fund raising volunteers devote time and also mobilise fund or link the donor to the specific services. Meetings are conducted to volunteers in each quarter to review the progress and action plan for the ensuing year   is prepared in the final quarter meeting.