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New Life Foundation

Annual Activity Reports

REPORT 2015 –16

NEW LIFE FOUNDATION (NLF) conducted the programmes in Chittoor   district, Andhra Pradesh, India. The activities were undertaken for awareness generation, trainings and relief programmes. The activities were undertaken for the development and welfare of youth, women, Children, aged, disable persons and students of underprivileged communities. The programmes were carried out with member’s contribution, and local donations. The following activities were carried out during 2015-16.

Tailoring training women:

The tailoring training was conducted to provide training to women and adolescent girls for self employment. Nearly 350 women were provided training. The training was given in the advanced courses on sewing and knitting application and garments making including stitching and hand embroidery work.

 Free Note Books to poor students.

The note books were distributed in the 5 schools in working area. The poor students were provided note books. The Sarpanches were invited for the distribution programme. The programme was organized with help of the youth and women leaders.

 Awareness on Child Labour.

The child labour is a social issue increasing in the rural area due acute poverty and lack of livelihoods. The child labour is prevalent in poor communities. Hence child labour eradication programmes were undertaken in the villages around Tirupati City. The pamphlets, poster and banner campaigns and awareness generation camps were organized to reduce the child labour. The drop out children was enrolled in the schools through community involvement


Training in Saree painting:

The Saree painting training was conducted to poor women for self employment. The training was imparted to 150 women and adolescent girls. The training was given in the advanced designed of market value addition and export qualities and designs.

Environment awareness camps :

The environment camps were conducted for the members of self help groups.The SHG members were created awareness on climate change, agro forestry, renewable energy sources like solar lights, solar cookers and solar heaters and solid waste management. The plantation in backyard and land holdings was suggested in the camps to reduce the global warming effects.


Health awareness camps:

A camp was organized with women. The awareness was created for 250 women in rural and urban slums.. The  awareness was focused on child and maternity care, pre-natal and post natal care, safe delivery, child nutrition, family balanced diet, drinking water, water born diseases, personal, domestic and environment at hygiene. The posters, lecture, discussions method were adapted to educate women on health


Free Cloths to aged persons

Free cloths were provided to poor aged persons. The cloths were distributed in the meeting organized for the distribution. The local administrators were invited for the meeting


Eye camps to aged persons

The eye camps were organized in urban slums and rural area. The pamphlets and mike announcements were made for intimation to the public to participate the camps. The private doctors, nurses and asst doctors were involved in the camps for awareness creation, eye checkup. The spectacles were provided to some older persons. The operations were recommended to free treatment available with our philanthropic friends


Tailoring in Agarabathi:

The Agarabathi training was conducted to provide training to women and adolescent girls for self employment. Nearly 300 women were provided training. The training was given on rolling of perfume sticks, packing and labeling.

Nutrition support to HIV/AIDS infected children.

The number of HIV/AIDS infected children is increasing in Chittoor district. The children need medicine and nutrition to extend the life span. The Government provides medicines. We provide escort to get medicines from head quarter. The NLF is providing nutrition to children in cooperation of APSAC. The department assist us in recognize the needy children for nutrition.